Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6 - Can you find the baby?

We were all worn out after our exciting weekend in Tennessee so we stayed at home today and took it easy. The girls buried Lucy in a pile of toys. Which one is the real baby? If you picked the one that looks very uncertain about this situation, you are correct!

Of course, Nellie had to play too. I guess that's her doll face?

On this day in 2009, Aunt Lura Lee and I threw a bridal shower for Miriam. I planned the party, and she handled the food. She always wows with her culinary skills. This event was no exception.

Here we are with my mom's side of the family. Lauren, Aunt Betsy, me, Mir, Mom, Aunt Lura Lee.

My cousin Anne drove in from Birmingham with her sweet baby Caroline.

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