Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 12 - Swimming Pool Tired

We had another great family day today! I snapped this shot of Nellie playing cars in her princess dress this morning. I love the dichotomy!

Later this afternoon, we went to the pool. We all had a great time splashing around.

Little Lucy got a little pruned, but she loves splashing in the water.

I can still remember that feeling of overwhelming exhaustion after a day at the pool as a little kid and how I'd have to fight to keep myself awake just for the car ride home. I think that same feeling struck everyone today. Rick and Lucy zonked out on the couch.

Nellie fell asleep in a kitchen chair. Such an odd spot for a snooze.

Lila even faded sitting upright. Everyone was definitely swimming pool tired tonight.

On this day in 2005, I was pregnant with Lila and Miriam took some belly shots for me.

On this shot from this day in 2006, Lila was waking up from a nap in my bed.

On this day in 2009, Lila had a fever and felt crummy.

On this day in 2010, I threw a baby shower for Miriam at Aunt Lura Lee's house. Here is Mir with the cake I made.

I also made this cloth diaper cake. I love throwing parties!

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