Friday, June 24, 2011

June 24 - TGIF

The girls and I ran some errands for Lila's birthday party today. I have been to craft stores at least twenty times in the course of planning this party. Today we drove up to Kennesaw to get an item at Hobby Lobby that the two stores closer to my house didn't have in stock. Nellie didn't feel like walking or riding in a shopping cart, so I carried her on my back and Lucy on my front while we shopped.

We kicked off birthday weekend by going out for dinner at Lila's favorite restaurant Chick-fil-A. Lila doesn't eat chicken, but she's a big fan of milkshakes. Here's a blurry cell phone shot of Rick and the girls playing on the slide.

I caught some shots of Lucy smiling at me tonight.

Lila and Nellie love to talk to each other on the phone. Their conversations are usually pretty boring and they don't put much distance between themselves when talking.

On this day in 2007, Lila nursed her triplets.

Miriam was visiting and Lila stole her shoes. Toddler Lila LOVED fancy shoes. She was fascinated by "high shoes" as she called heels.

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