Friday, June 10, 2011

June 10 - House Party

Today we went to the Hearns' house for a House Party. Taryn introduced me to the whole world of house parties a few months ago when she hosted one for Sabra hummus. This one was for Expo Washable Markers, a product we know and love.

The kids had fun playing games with their dry erase boards and markers. Watching 3-8 year olds play pictionary was pretty entertaining for the adults too. The tone of their gameplay involved no sense of urgency and great attention to detail.

After the marker games ended, Lila and Nellie enjoyed playing with Tanner's toys.

And they shared their toy (Lucy) with Tanner and the other girls.

Later, there was a dance party at the house party that involved some zombie-like moves.

In zombie history, on this day in 2006, little Lila was 11 months old and waddling around with that new walker zombie shuffle thing. This picture makes my heart hurt to think about how quickly time has flown.

She made her way under our elevated Pack 'n Play.

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