Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 14 - Eat My Bubbles

Swim meet! Rick's dad came to watch Lila swim tonight. He also helped wrangle Lucy while we got the swimmers marked up and ready for the meet.

Lila with Papa after her warm up swim.

Nellie and Marcus watching Lila compete.

Lila had a great night. Here she is touching the wall after her 25m Freestyle. She was fast and left a few swimmers behind to eat her bubbles tonight.

This look says, "Please put that camera away so we can go home now."

It was a mild evening for once, so we played outside when we got home. Nellie decided to make some bubbles of her own.

Lucy loved watching the bubbles. She got a close up view as many of them were blown right in her face. Of course.

Lila caught fireflies.

My sweet girls all together!

On this day in 2007, Lila was modeling a sunflower dress.

On this day in 2009, Nellie was modeling a hat and a utensil.

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