Saturday, June 11, 2011

June 11 - Dance Party

Today was a fun "Daddy-Stay-Home Day" where we just hung out around the house. On days like this, I worry that I won't have any interesting photos since not much happens. Luckily, these three can always provide something photo worthy. Lucy is more and more interested in rolling around on the floor these days. Often she has a lot of help with her floor play.

Lila helping.

Nellie helping.

This afternoon Nellie cranked up the iTunes playlist that Rick made for the girls and showed us her moves. She insisted I take pictures of her because she know how awesome she is.

Here she is running off... move her dance to the next room where Lucy could join in.

An attempt at three smiling faces at the camera, but Lucy was more interested in that toy on the Exersaucer.

Later Lucy showed us some moves of her own. This could be classified as break dancing I guess. Kind of looks like some of those moves.

This evening, Rick played Candy Land with all three girls. What a great Daddy!

On this day in 2010, my mom was here and she and the girls gessoed Miriam's belly cast.

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