Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4 - When the mice are away

Another slow day with the girlies gone. The highlight of my day was making carrot muffins.

Lucy kind of resembles the Humpty Dumpty on her shirt, doesn't she?

Luckily, things were much more happening at my mom's house. The girls had a dress up tea party with their friend Madelyn. Nellie wore my Junior Prom dress and there was also a tornado warning! Beats a carrot muffin any day.

This day in 2010 was Easter. The girls got Barbies, chocolate marshmallow eggs, and face paint in their Easter baskets.

My sister's midwife came over for a prenatal visit and Lila got to watch.

Then my dad took us on a hayride because nothing says Easter like a hayride!

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