Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 3 - Dull as dirt

Sending the big girls off to my mom and dad's house for a few days sounds like a nice break in theory. In reality, Rick and I just miss them terribly and don't really know what to do with ourselves. This afternoon, we bought some dirt and compost for the garden. That's about as exciting as it got around here today.

An "Arrested Development" t-shirt livens up the hauling of dirt a bit.

Of course, there's always this munchkin to keep things exciting.

Far away in Tennessee, Goggy took the girls to church today. They love going to Sunday School. Here's a shot my mom took of Lila after church in a dress she bought in 2009 that they're still wearing 3 Easters later.

In contrast to the slow day today, on this day in 2010, we were in Tennessee for Easter and had a jam packed day. I met up with some of my high school friends for breakfast.

Later Lila and Nellie made bunny cupcakes.

Then we put on our tie-dye and decorated Easter eggs.

After we dyed the eggs, we had an egg hunt.

Our tower of sweet treats and our sleazy eggs.

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