Saturday, April 23, 2011

April 23 - Cupcakes, Kitty Cats, and Easter Eggs

Lila and Nellie have so much fun at my parents' house. They're always up to some adventure. This morning their cat Spot climbed a tree for a reprieve from their loving, so they spent several minutes coaxing her down.

This photo is deceptive. While it appears that they were helping her down, that is not the case. She jumped down and they played with her for a while then tried to put her back in the tree which is what is going on here. Poor kitty.

The girls helped my mom make cupcakes. Well, they helped lick the batter.

Good ole Goggy made both chocolate and vanilla. What a grandmother!

Next up, decorating Easter eggs! Here's Nellie hard at work on one of her eggs.

Pretty colors! Note Lila's orange hand.

We skyped Rick in on the fun since he always enjoys egg decorating.

After the eggs were done, we decorated the bunny cupcakes.

Mom bought the girls these matching polka dot outfits. I was excited to finally have something matching for all three of them. Despite being mostly white, they survived egg dying and cupcake decorating with no major stains. It was truly an Easter miracle.

My brother John came over this afternoon, and we had a fun afternoon and evening hanging out with him. The girls love their Junkle (Uncle John), but we all missed Aunt Karen who had to work. The girls really wanted to see her belly with their new baby cousin growing inside!

The Easter Goggy decided to go ahead and give the kids their goody baskets this afternoon.

She scored big with Nellie and Lila by giving them cheerleader Barbies and nail polish!

We closed out this very busy day with a bath together.

On this day in 2009, Aunt Miriam showed the girls her engagement photo slideshow.

On this day in 2010, we had a pajama party with our friends.

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