Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11 - Around the house

Today was one of the rare days that we didn't go anywhere. I love staying busy, but I really savor our at home days. We started off with yoga this morning.

Lucy was a little fussy, so Lila carried her around which made her happy.

It got pretty warm this afternoon, so Lila and Nellie cooled off in the fishy pool.

After Rick got home, we had to do some "cool tricks" as Nellie calls her moves. I love how she's wearing a skirt under a dress.

On this day in 2009, we dyed Easter Eggs.

There were a million other cute shots of the girls doing various Easter things on this day, but I thought a shot of me eating cupcake batter with the crazy eyes was more interesting.

In 2010, we spent the afternoon at Rick's brother's house. Here's a shot of Mark's three kids with Lila and Nellie.

A closer look at all of the grandkids together. People occasionally tell me that my girls look like me, but I think the Parker blood is stronger and that they all look like they could be siblings instead of cousins.

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