Saturday, April 2, 2011

April 2 - Virtual Parenting

Lucy got a bath this morning with no help from Nellie. She looked so much more relaxed than usual.

We Skyped with Lila and Nellie off and on for several hours today. We kept the chat open and I could hear them running around at my mom's house throughout the day. It was like they were in the next room and helped me not miss them as much.

Miriam and Ewan came over later this afternoon for a visit and dinner. Lucy and I got to play with Ewan while Miriam ran errands.

Meanwhile down on the farm in Tennessee, Lila and Nellie helped my parents pick out and care for 6 new baby chicks. Photos by Goggy.

One year ago today, we drove to Tennessee for Easter weekend. This was Nellie's tutu fashion phase. She is wearing a tutu under a tutu here.

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