Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 12 - Breastfeeding, Backhands, and Fondue

Lucy attended her first La Leche League meeting this morning. I had taken a break from leading meetings since her birth, and it was so great to be back in action. I love working with new moms and providing breastfeeding support. I also, apparently, love talking with my hands.

Lila had a great tennis lesson this afternoon. She's making contact on most of her attempts, and she's enjoying it. After tennis, I joined my girlfriends for fondue at The Melting Pot. I was so frazzled from the insane traffic I endured to get there and the fussy baby throughout dinner that I neglected to get a photo.

On this day in 2008, my parents were visiting, and Lila helped my mom and dad build a floor for her playhouse.

In 2009, Nellie hunted Easter eggs for the first time.

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