Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 13 - Hygiene Extremes

Baby Lucy had a rough night and woke up with a cold this morning, so I stayed at home with her, and Rick took the big girls to their dentist appointment. He was also a good sport and took the camera along to document the day.

Later this afternoon, we all got dirty working in the garden. Rick and I worked on prepping the beds and planting. Lila and Nellie worked on finding worms.

This guy was huge!

I like how this photo has some nice, subtle lens flare from the sun behind the baby, but she looks so pitiful with her watery eyes and runny nose.

Azalea season is in full swing here in Atlanta. Everything is gorgeous right now, but I wish these beauties were in bloom for longer. It seems like they only last a couple of weeks then they're back to boring old bushes again.

I couldn't find an April 13 photo anywhere in my archives, so no photo flashback today.

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