Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 7 - Cool Tricks

Lila and her friend Tanner went to cooking school this morning and made a delicious fruit pizza with vanilla custard.

Nellie frequently instructs us to watch her perform a "cool trick." Today, the whole family showed off some cool tricks. Lucy's cool trick is making her fingers disappear (and filling my entire sink!).

Goggy (my mom) arrived this afternoon. She has many, many cool tricks, but one of my favorites is the way she makes weeds in my yard disappear.

My cool trick is playing tennis while wearing a baby.

Lila and Rick do dangerous stunts for their cool trick. Rick also has a cool trick of wearing this t-shirt in 99% of his blog appearances.

Nellie's cool trick is getting dizzy.

One of Goggy's other cool tricks is buying cute stuff like new pajamas. The girls think the way they pose for my camera is a cool trick, but it really just drives me nuts.

On this day in 2009, Nellie was in the infancy stage of her cool tricks. This one appears to have involved mud.

Later that day, she did a cool trick with chalk.

And in perhaps the coolest trick of all, on this day in 2010, Rick graduated from grad school at Georgia Tech, one of the top schools in the country with a 4.0 while working full time and being a busy dad. We're so proud of him!

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