Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11 - Schoolroom Moving Day

We were supposed to go on a farm tour today, but Lila woke up feeling yucky, so we stayed at home. I've been itching to move some furniture around and work on organizing my homeschool room, so I roped my mom into tackling it with me.

Lila has a pretend school comprised of some doll furniture that sits in the floor and is the most important thing in her world. We are not to touch it, move it, look at it, etc. She has little dolls that attend the school and then go home to various other pieces of furniture. If I move my furniture, I mess up the doll world and we have a very upset Lila. I have begged and pleaded and negotiated for her to move it somewhere out of the way, but she refuses. That is until today. Against all odds, Goggy was able to work a deal to move the school and doll families upstairs. Hooray! Note the china cabinet on the floor here.

I strapped Lucy on my back so we could get to work rearranging my schoolroom/dining room. She dozed right off and rode around content for a good long while.

My mom is a rockstar when it comes to project execution. She jumps right in and gets it done. We dragged some very heavy furniture around then went to IKEA to scope out desks and chairs and schoolroom furniture. When we got back, I was exhausted, but mom jumped right back in hanging a cabinet that was too heavy for us earlier in the day without Rick's help. You can see in this shot how we moved the buffet into this room and put the china cabinet above it.

Lucy was wiped out after such a long day.

On May 11, 2007, I attended my friend Kathy's homebirth of her daughter Korianna. It was the first birth I'd ever witnessed besides my own, and it was such a powerful and emotional experience. Here is Kathy and her family with the birth team.

Kori just after she was born.

Rick and me in Times Square on this day in 2010.

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