Friday, May 13, 2011

May 13 - Dress up

Lila and Nellie made several wardrobe changes this evening. They would run upstairs, change clothes, come screaming back downstairs, run around outside for a few minutes then run back upstairs and change again. I caught this wardrobe change on camera, but the others all happened too fast.

The only May 13 pictures I could find in my archives were from 2007. They were in a folder titled "Easter." I have no recollection why we were having an egg hunt in May. Maybe because we were in Las Vegas for real Easter. That's starting to ring a bell now actually. Anyway, these shots show some of the weirdness that is my family. Here's one of my sister licking something off of Lila's fingers.

This one exemplifies that this was the first and only grandchild back then. Five adults and three cameras following her as she just walks around the yard.

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