Saturday, May 14, 2011

May 14 - Park Day with Daddy

Daddy time is highly valued around here. Here is Rick this morning snuggling with all three girls in their pajamas.

Later this afternoon, Rick took Lila and Nellie to the park so that I could study for the IBCLC exam. It was great to have a couple of hours to hit the books I've been neglecting. They went to Brook Run Park and Rick got a couple of shots on his phone for me. Lila on the monkey bars, her favorite playground equipment.

Nellie on top of something. You can see what a gorgeous day it was here.

Tonight, I made The Pioneer Woman's Knock You Naked Brownies. The recipe involved lots of these little caramels. I had a great unwrapping crew.

On this day in 2006, we were at my parents' house. Our family was so small back then!

On this day in 2010, Rick also snuggled his girls in their pajamas.

I was still POAS. The lines are getting darker.

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