Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 31 - Say Cheese

Miriam and I bought a Groupon for photos at The Picture People and scheduled our sessions close together. Though I'm not a fan of chain store photography, it was cheap and right down the street plus Goggy was here to help lug everyone and their gear. We ended up waiting a while, so I snapped a few clandestine shots on one of their sets. This probably makes me a person of questionable character, but it was Miriam's idea, so I blame her.

Sweet baby Ewan and my unethical sister.

The girls like the black background because they think it looks like they're flying. During the real photo session, Nellie kept walking off the set saying, "I'm all done with pictures."

An employee caught us on the set and kicked us off before we could get a shot with all of Goggy's grandbabies, so we had to find an alternative spot.

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