Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 20 - The day the Rebel died

Aunt Miriam took Lila and Nellie to see The Dragon King puppet show this afternoon. Nellie loves dragons and thought the show was superb. It was a tale of a good dragon that breathes water instead of fire to water the crops.

I tried to get a cool shot of the cousins (and Uncle Chris) together with the cityscape in the background. The shots didn't come out very good (stupid fence), but I have to post this picture since it was the last picture my old Canon Rebel took before it died. Since I upgraded my camera a few months ago, I've been using the Rebel as my "diaper bag" camera to take along on our outings. RIP Old Rebel. You served me well for 25,010 shots.

This is me and Lucy watching Lila ride her bike later this afternoon. Since I'm usually behind the camera, I like to feature shots with me in them to prove my existence.

Check out those cheeks. Seriously.

My camellias have been gorgeous this week. The blooms are starting to fall, so I snapped a pic of one of the remaining perfect blossoms. These are my favorite yard plants, and I love this time of year when they're all in bloom.

Special visitor! Ciera had dinner with us tonight. We love it when we get to see our CiCi.

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