Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 3 - More Birthday Partying

This morning, my brother John showed everyone their ultrasound video of Baby Claire. She sure was cute swimming around in there. The girls are so excited to meet their new cousin in a few months!
All the grandkids wearing the Fourth of July shirts my mom bought for them.

We celebrated Baby Ewan's first birthday this afternoon. He enjoys clapping for himself.
We gave Ewan a personalized book about a pirate for his birthday gift. I love to give these books for first birthdays.
The kids and dads enjoyed playing with all of Ewan's new goodies.
On this day in 2005, I took my favorite photo ever of newborn Baby Lila. Isn't she the sweetest thing in the world?
On this day in 2010, Miriam took two day old Baby Ewan to The Fiddler 5K to watch his daddy run. I wish I looked this good 2 days after I give birth.
Chris was (once again) the overall first place winner. He took Baby Ewan to the podium for his medals and press interviews.

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